2008 Scion TC

The Scion TC is, in many ways, the reincarnation of the Toyota Celica, a sporty two-door version of the venerable and practical Corolla. As the Corolla got more formal, the Celica got sportier in appearance, but its weight and slow increases in horsepower worked against it as more challengers offered high speed in comfortable packages.

The Scion TC is powered by a 2.4 liter engine with intelligent variable-valve technology and dual cams; it has a good deal of torque from just above idle all the way up to a rather high redline, and the 160 horsepower rating doesn't convey the way that power is always ready, making it feel more potent in everyday use than the Matrix XRS which is stronger on paper. The optional TRD muffler makes it feel even more muscular, with an ever-present low growl that brings up images of Camaro V8s.

Car and Driver gave the Scion TC a descent review but they were really only focusing on the sportiness of the car but what customers need to remember is that Scion will customize your ride for you from superchargers to suspensions. TRD your Scion TC out. Overall Car and Driver recommends the Scion TC to their subscribers. Car and Driver still has not accumulated any reviews on the 2008 Scion TC, which comes with more standard features and added style. I would like to see what they have to say about the 2008 Scion TC, How about You?.

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