UGG boots

For those who do not know what he is talking about the UGG Boots are sheepskin boots, and are commonly used by Australian surfers to warm more quickly in cold days. There are two versions: low (above the ankle, the so-called "broken leg") and high (below the knee, slightly).

And any number of colors-this year 's is the metallic lead the way for master-The most common combination's are in very short skirts and hyper-feminine effect to dampen the farm or over jeans, as stated in the must of the season.

Now, the arguments of those who buy them do not understand. Surely shelter from the cold, but living in a city that I believe in leather boots and enough to make, use them in the mountains can not be, because rain or snow, not only them but stain effect causing the famous "wet dog", which is not pleasant.

And if you tell me who use them even Kate Moss, Eva Longoria and Jennifer Aniston, demand srge spontaneous assomigliate like drops of water to these celeb? And you are sure that you put away from the forest seem capitate by accident in the city?

Think about it girls .. the class has nothing to do with fashion ...

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