Lindsay lohan ankle bracelet Keep Her from Alcohol Every 30 Minutes

lindsay lohan ankle bracelet
Lindsay Lohan’s ankle bracelet may be embarrassing for the struggling starlet, but the alcohol monitoring device may just be the best thing for her. The actress left a Beverly Hills courthouse on Monday wearing an alcohol-detecting device strapped to her ankle after facing Judge Marsha Revel, who ordered the star not to leave California and not to drink alcohol or take drugs for the foreseeable future.

Lohan has been ordered by the court to wear an alcohol-monitoring ankle bracelet. The bracelet keeps track of the wearer’s alcohol consumption by measuring body sweat. The judge was probably already pissed because Lohan extended her Cannes stay (due to a “missing passport”) and failed to appear at a mandatory hearing five days earlier. Lindsey must also attend a weekly alcohol education course in Los Angeles, which means she probably wont be traveling much for the time being.

So what happened to the cute tween from “The Parent Trap”? We think that the combination of family drama, bad influences, and being in the public eye since a tender young age has damaged her. We hope Lindsey gets the help she needs because her life seems to be spiraling out of control lately. Maybe this ankle bracelet is the first step to a sobered-up, happy and successful Lindsay.

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